Superstorm Sandy: Nature Is The Ultimate Bottom Line

What we are witnessing on the east coast with Superstorm Sandy is a tragic reminder that nature is the ultimate bottom line.

What can be called “the primacy of nature” is evident to us at the most basic levels. We need clean air, potable water, and nutritious food to survive. Humans can last 3-4 minutes without air before we start to die, 3-5 days without water, and 46 days before starvation takes most of us. Nature really is the ultimate bottom line whether it is the air, water and food to sustain life or every input for any brilliant business idea we might imagine.

Yet in daily life we forget that society – and life itself – hinge on the natural balance, and as a result that balance is at stake. Extreme weather events like Superstorm Sandy are a reminder that it is long past time to make the shift to responsible business as the new business as usual. To restore the balance, we must move toward an era of everything eco-social enterprise.

Just as we cannot continue business as usual, we cannot continue leadership as usual. Regardless of who wins the current presidential election, the campaign for the positive changes that have become imperatives renews next Wednesday as we are called to take our leadership to the next level. All hands on deck!