What you bring to any and every conversation is incredible insight and a deep understanding of the need and capacity to effect positive and powerful change on the planet.
— Bonnie Nixon, Director of Sustainability for Hewlett Packard, took HP to Newsweek's #1 Green Company

Client Community

RLI's client family includes:

  • Tostan
  • The Sustainability Consortium
  • The Carter Center
  • Partners for Sustainability
  • National Civilian Community Corps
  • Mapleton Public Schools
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Engineers Without Borders
  • Denver Water

... to name a few.

RLI in Action

The Carter Center

The Carter Center

Human Rights Forum, Carter Center

Dr. Seana Steffen was invited to facilitate the opening work day of The Carter Center's Human Rights Defenders Forum for religious leaders, scholars, and activists from several continents.

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RLI in the News

B Magazine_Spring 2017.png

Do You Have The Right Skills To Lead In The Future? 

Business leaders need to manage impact alongside profits. “The state of our world is a reflection of the quality of our leadership,” says Seana Lowe Steffen, CEO — or “Chief Enthusiasm Officer” — for the Restorative Leadership Institute (RLI), based in Colorado and Washington state.

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Possibility With Velocity

Making the world a better place one business at a time. Dr. Seana Steffen and the Restorative Leadership Institute are featured in the Coloradan Magazine.

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