Immerse to co-evolve leadership mastery and forward strategic priorities

It would have taken us weeks or months to cover the same ground you helped us cover in just days.

Intensives are multi-day or week customized programs for your organization that can be facilitated at your site or off site in an aligned location. RLI’s educational workshops and seminars develop mastery in leadership practices and principles while fulfilling mission and vision.

We engage through participatory education as a lever for systemic transformation. RLI settings for intensives include the Rocky Mountains, the Pacific Northwest, New England, West Africa, Northern India, Western Europe, Hawaii and Cuba.

Leadership intensives build capacity with topics such as:

  • Restorative leadership principles
  • 21st century ethical imperatives and opportunities
  • Social enterprise hybridization and innovation to thrive
  • Adaptive capacity for resilience
  • Communication for team cohesion and enterprise impact   
  • Strategic questioning for breakthrough results
  • Participatory management and inclusive decision making
  • Leadership and team co-coaching fundamentals                 
  • Purpose-driven and mission-aligned engagement
“I have learned how to align my purpose and gifts with our vision.”

”Great interaction with the group and facilitating individual interactions…”

“You have empowered me to not hold back from what I can truly contribute.”

“Thank you for kick-starting my journey of showing up and walking the walk.”

“You are a masterful facilitator!”
— Colorado executive directors intensive