Fulfill humanity’s potential to thrive in balance with all life

I learned what it takes to be at my personal best and to bring out the best in my teammates, co-workers and loved ones. Since my internship with RLI, I practice restorative leadership every day in everything I do.
— Jenna Fitch, MBA, Content Producer, New Hope Natural Media

With ecosystems flashing warning signs throughout the world, this generation of emerging leaders must master restorative leadership principles and sustainable development practices to ensure a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable future for all on a planet growing toward 10 billion.

RLI interns receive training in best-practice leadership and organizational development in addition to the following core competencies:

  • The global case for sustainability
  • CSR and social entrepreneurship essentials
  • Strategy to transform vision to reality
  • The real substance of success for leaders and managers: communication, listening, questioning, facilitation, decision making, conflict transformation and stakeholder engagement
The training in best-practice leadership, organizational development, and corporate social responsibility is one of a kind! I can honestly say that the internship program with RLI made me a better manager, leader, and overall better human.
— David Lashen, MBA, Product Analyst, Charter Communications