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Evolving Leadership for Collective Wellbeing: Lessons for Implementing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 

Ed. by Seana Lowe Steffen and Jamie Rezmovits with Shanah Trevenna and Seana Rappaport

This collection is a go-to resource for individuals wishing to heighten leadership effectiveness through access to vanguard theory and practice. It highlights stories and insights from leadership practitioners and scholars around the world, in the process offering invaluable insights into diverse lessons, models, and practices, and it offers case and place-based chapters that bridge theory and practice to empower diverse actors around the world. 

4 Ways to Ensure a Sustainable Future Through Restorative Leadership

B Like Seana: Go Net Positive By Giving More Than We Take

By Jamie Rezmovits including writings by Seana Steffen
This article was published in 
B the Change on March 12, 2019. B the Change exists to gather the voices of people using business as a force for good to inform and inspire a global shift in business. 

“Seana Steffen built her company, the Restorative Leadership Institute (RLI),the way she lived her life — from a place of profound gratitude. It’s hard to capture the nature of a person’s soul in writing, but Seana’s own words, written just two weeks before her untimely passing, convey the very essence of her being…”

Restorative Leadership in Action

Published Works

Innovation in Environmental Leadership: Critical Perspectives (Routledge Studies in Leadership Research) 1st Edition

by Benjamin W. Redekop (Editor), Deborah Rigling Gallagher (Editor), Rian Satterwhite (Editor)

Innovation in Environmental Leadership offers innovative approaches to leadership from a post-industrial and ecological vantage point. Chapters in this collection are written by leading scholars and practitioners of environmental leadership from around the globe, and are informed by a variety of critical perspectives, including post-heroic approaches, systems thinking, and the emerging insights of Critical Leadership Studies (CLS).

This collection includes a chapter by Dr. Seana Steffen called From Peril to Possibility: Restorative Leadership for a Sustainable Future.


Environmental Leadership: A Reference Handbook

Ed. by Deborah Rigling Gallagher - Duke University, Nicholas School of the Environment & Earth Sciences

Part of the SAGE Reference Series on Leadership, this 2-volume set tackles issues relevant to leadership in the realm of the environment and sustainability. This handbook includes a chapter by Dr. Seana Steffen called Beyond Environmental Leadership to Restorative Leadership: An Emerging Framework for Cultivating Resilient Communities in the 21st Century. It is an inspiring must-read about how restorative leadership principles and practices can transform an entire continent.

Engaging Classrooms and Communities Through Art

By Beth Krensky Seana Lowe Steffen

Engaging Classrooms and Communities through Art provides a comprehensive and accessible guide to the design and implementation of community-based art programs for educators, community leaders, and artists. The book combines case studies with diverse groups across the country that are using different media - including mural arts, dance, and video - with an informed introduction to the theory and history of community-based art. It is a perfect handbook for those looking to transform their communities through art.

White Papers

Beyond Environmental Leadership to Restorative Leadership: An Emerging Framework for Cultivating Resilient Communities in the 21st Century.

Forthcoming Works


Restorative Leadership: How to Answer the 21st Century's Call to Greatness (working title)

This book explores how to bring out the best of our diverse humanity and evolve our leadership to ensure a sustainable future by offering guidance and inspiration from globally resonant leadership. Restorative leadership is introduced as a method to activate our immediately accessible change potential for collective wellbeing.

We Are The Tipping Point: How Women are Guiding the Necessary Leadership (r)Evolution (working title)

Featured heroines reflect a holistic understanding of the sustainability imperative from business, development, ecology, and spirit realms.