Now is the time to activate our collective intelligence in service to possibility

Amazing insight and intuitive leadership that pull out the best in people.... Loved it.
— World Pulse leadership team member, World Pulse is among the Top 100 Tools for Empowering Global Women

Build your organizational and community competencies to engage collective intelligence and talent in exceptionally resonant ways. RLI capacity building cultivates highly integrated system mastery to forward strategic priorities. Teams are empowered and practices are embedded for holistic alignment to fulfill your vision and mission.

Through the active, integrated and participatory approach of RLI’s Sustainable Impact Process™ (SIP) you will build core competencies that support sustainable long-term impact such as:

  • Aligned self-organizing systems
  • Participatory management and inclusive decision making    
  • Learning organization and growth mindset      
  • Leadership and team co-coaching                  
  • Mindfulness-based communication and conflict transformation
  • Sustainability operating systems
  • Adaptive capacity for resilience
The spirit of change and transformation is unparalleled. I’ve never heard poetry and ancient wisdom brought into business practices - gorgeous in tone setting and inspiring. All of the training tools were completely sequential and constructive, totally relevant. You walk the talk as a role model for the leadership, incorporating body, mind, and spirit. You made me feel brilliant!
— Seth Miller, Principal and Founder, Partners for Sustainability