Envision and implement the best of all that is possible at this evolutionary time

This extraordinary time brings us unique challenges and opportunities that call us to envision and manifest like never before. Translating bold visions to new levels of positive impact requires breakthroughs in design and practice. It takes thoughtful planning and co-construction to build our organizations to fulfill as effectively and efficiently as possible.

From multi-day sessions that lay cultural and structural foundations for success to multi-year support of your ultimate impact objectives, RLI services are tailored to meet you and your organization where you are and to ensure that you chart the course needed to fulfill mission and vision.

RLI’s Sustainable Impact Process™ is a holistically integrated process of co-evolving culture, structure and systems to optimize sustainable long-term impact. The SIP™ is typically a three-year, phased and scaffolded participatory journey that builds capacity while fulfilling strategic priorities. SIP™ progress is customized and can be segmented according to organizational or community priorities and resources.

Working with you has meant radical transformation for us.... What you do provides such tangible impact to organizations like Tostan as we reach hundreds of thousands.
— Molly Melching, Tostan Founder and CEO, recipient of the Hilton Humanitarian Prize and the Dodd Prize for International Justice and Human Rights

The Sustainable Impact Process™ includes

An (Eco)Social Enterprise Framework of nearly a dozen elements for 21st century organizational design to fully function as an aligned ecosystem. Elements include…

  • World Vision that dares to dream of the best of all that is possible
  • Enterprise Mission worthy of the 21st Century world that is calling for it
  • Enterprise Goals that collectively ensure mission fulfillment
  • Ultimate Impact Objectives that operationalize mission fulfillment
  • Integrated I3 Dashboard to track progress toward possibility
  • ...and more.

A Strategic Engagement Plan designed and embedded to be useful and used for actionable, responsive and intentional momentum with sustainability and legacy in mind. Activities include…

  • Declare strategic goals and objectives within a Seven-Year to Seventh-Generation framework
  • Situate SWOT in the 21st Century global-to-local ecosystem reality
  • Chart phased internal and external impact targets across the triple bottom line   
  • Amplify strategic cadence and norm annual rhythm
  • ...and more.

An (Eco)Social Enterprise Business Model evolved to hone and optimize revenue generating potential for sustainable long-term impact through a hybridizing process. Steps include...

  • Benchmark resource and business development across the (eco)social enterprise development continuum
  • Determine viable hybridization strategy
  • Build capacity in key resource and business development areas
  • ...and more.
Expectations were exceeded... truly a game changing time for World Pulse.
— Ellen Wingard, World Pulse Board Chair

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