Restorative Leadership

Rare Interview with Gro Brundtland on Restorative Leadership for Sustainable Development

As world leaders descend upon New York this week to answer critical sustainability questions with internationally binding Sustainable Development Goals, Dr. Brundtland’s insights are important to consider.

The Climate Summit’s Real Voices of Global Leadership

It’s pre-dawn on the morning of the People’s Climate March. The air is moist and crisp, autumn dancing in the air with summer’s yawning presence.  The UN Climate Summit, intended to catalyze action for the 2015 UN Climate Negotiations, convenes this week. Yet the most remarkable display of leadership may be the catalytic momentum on the streets. 

The Day That The Change Became Real

“We are history, you and I today… the day that the change became real.” With humility and earthy grace, Casey Camp-Horinek of the Ponca tribe invoked blessings of hope...

Holism and Making Connections

Those practicing restorative leadership grasp the interdependence and interconnectedness of life that can be articulated with great clarity, whether grounded in an intuitive sense or based in scientific knowledge.

Dr. Elinor Ostrom’s Leadership: From the Tragedy of the Commons to Sustaining the Commons

Dr. Elinor Ostrom (August 7, 1933 – June 12, 2012) was a heroine of mine: an embodiment of restorative leadership with her belief in the power of community...

Choose Closer to Nature, Closer to Home

Spring is blooming in England! London’s downtown bustle is set to the chorus of songbirds, and Devon is abundant with fragrant blossoms, stirring even the most hurried to stop and savor a breath.

Leadership Matters: Reflections from Rwanda

This time last year, I was humbled by the blazing dawns on Kigali’s eastern horizon, running in the mornings near the Milles Collines Hotel (Hotel Rwanda) and feeling the ghosts of the horrors...