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Photo Credit: solonline.org

Photo Credit: solonline.org

“You start from a place of deep love.”

Darcy Winslow is a high-powered, heart-centered woman who understands big business and the impact it has on the world. As former Director for Advanced Research and Development at Nike, she launched the company’s 2020 goals for sustainable growth and consumption which committed Nike to zero waste, zero toxics, and 100% closed loop systems.

During her 20 years at Nike, Darcy also held the leadership roles of general manager for Nike’s Global Women’s Fitness Business and senior advisor to the Nike Foundation, which seeks to empower disadvantaged girls through poverty alleviation by creating economic livelihood opportunities.

As a woman who revels in the comfort of the unknown, Darcy has since taken a leap of faith, leaving Nike in pursuit of her own bold dreams of supporting others to develop and implement systemic sustainable design strategies. She currently serves on the  leadership team of the Academy for Systemic Change and as a Senior Lecturer in the MIT Leadership Center. She is the founder of Designs for a Sustainable World Collective, LLC.

Darcy is a wildly intelligent presence with a big heart who shows us how to work on a scale that matters in a timeframe that matters. A master at collaborating across networks, her voice inspires us to stand at the edge and claim our restorative leadership role making the difference that we uniquely have the responsibility and opportunity to make. In this interview, Darcy reveals how to inject possibility into a large system to leverage visionary progress for a sustainable future.

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Engage for a Sustainable Future

The Academy for Systemic Change is a global community of individuals, organizations and networks who are deeply involved in developing living examples that show what is possible in creating social systems that foster biological, social, and economic well being.


In 2008, Darcy founded Designs for a Sustainable World Collective, LLC, which focuses on the alignment of organizational values and principles with the development and implementation of practical yet aggressive systemic sustainable design strategies.