Take action to end ecocide!

Thank you for joining in the campaign to end ecocide! In doing so, you are helping to ensure that humanity and all life on planet Earth have the opportunity to thrive now and in the future. Below are a few key resources that you may use to spread this important message through your network.

Step 1: Download the Ending Ecocide Campaign Kit

We hope that our campaign kit makes sharing about this global campaign simple and easy for you or your organization to make a BIG impact. Included you will find carefully crafted social media posts, a sample letter to your community, a link to where you’ll find graphics, and a sample newsletter blurb. Please feel free to edit or evolve any resources you find below to meet your needs.

Step 3: Save the following graphics to your computer

Step 3: Schedule the following posts to your social media

(Use the graphics you just saved)

  • 2015 is a critical year for global action on ‪#‎climatechange & the #SDGs. TAKE ACTION: http://ow.ly/SRut2 ‪#endecocide #COP21
  • Join us in calling on world leaders to protect Planet Earth by law! http://ow.ly/SRsfK ‪#‎SDGs ‪#‎GlobalGoals ‪#‎green
  • How are YOU creating eddies of possibility by example? TAKE ACTION, SIGN & SHARE now: http://ow.ly/SRy3y ‪#‎leadershipmatters
  • The state of our world is a reflection of the quality of our leadership. We call on our leaders to protect the Earth http://ow.ly/SRu2W
  • At this time in history we can chart a new future for life on Earth! Call on world leaders to ‪#‎ENDecocide http://ow.ly/SRvoM
  • Forward a new future for life on Earth. Take the long view, and help pass Ecocide Law now. http://ow.ly/SOu26 ‪#‎ENDecocide #COP21
  • SIGN & SHARE this petition to ask that world leaders hold corporations accountable! http://ow.ly/SRwUn #COP21 ‪#‎ecocidelaw
  • Let's call on leadership to fulfill humanity’s potential to thrive in balance w/ all life: http://ow.ly/SRtnG ‪#‎ecocidelaw #COP21
  • It's time to heal the Earth, our communities & ourselves by holding perpetrators of #ecocide accountable. SIGN NOW: http://ow.ly/SRucr
  • Join us to call on world leaders to make Ecocide the 5th Int. Crime Against Peace! SIGN NOW http://ow.ly/SOu26 ‪#‎ENDecocide #COP21
  • ACTION: Call on world leaders to be a stand for the ‪‎Earth and its inhabitants at this planet-critical time: http://ow.ly/SRxxI

If you have any questions or would like additional resources, please reach out to sierra@restorative-leadership.org

Thank you for joining the effort to end ecocide on planet earth